The centres itv kilometers inspected vehicles

Since 2013 the ITV centers recorded the km of the vehicles inspected, it is still not enough for scammers who continue to be made.

The latest news published is the annotation of km by the DGT, ie the km shall be entered in the registration certificate, even so, there will still be people who manipulate, but will be more conditioned to run the illegality undoubtedly .

When buying a car, surely many of you have scoured the market for cars in search of that model that attracts you or that best suits your needs. When making the list of possible candidates that most convince us, we look at the price, the state we see by the pictures, and of course, in the kilometers you have. Or it claims to have, because it is in this area where more distrust when buying a used car.
Unfortunately kilometers away car is a relatively common practice, in order to obtain a higher profit on the sale. Besides being overpaying for a vehicle, which should show their real kilometers would not be worth that much money, if the new owner does not know how many kilometers the car has just acquired, can not do the maintenance at the time you touch. On this subject recently we published an article which you can read by clicking here.
Manipulate odometer
But this practice may have its days numbered because as reported by the Traffic Department, now the registration certificate of the vehicle include new data related to the vehicle’s mileage and the validity of the last inspection in ITV. A measure seeking to promote transparency in the market for used cars.


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